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Since our inception from the 90's, we have experienced both many hardship and honor, enabled us to establish our fame and high esteem among the peers. Amid the time, we have evolved to be a well-structured interior firm, with our own creative team, project management and marketing team.

With our professionalism in space planning coupled with our sensitivity in market trend, we can always "bingo" our clients, satisfying them with an end result reflecting their own image and need. Many of our outstanding works are also showcased in the leading publication and press, indicating our unique design for each of our client or project.


No matter you are a corporate or private client, we will sit and listen to you, work hard to understand your individuality and design objectives. Then we apply our talent and experience to reflect your taste, style and functional needs, and of course, achieve budget efficiency.

Be sure, we are not just giving you a beautiful concept but a practical option, really works for you.


We are a full service interior firm, offering an integrated package service from design and build to procurement service. Our expertise applies not only to corporate client, but also private client. Here below you will take a glance at what we can do for you:

1. Space, interior and design.
2. All specifications including materials, furnishings, artwork etc.
3. Price and availability analysis.
4. Procurement of furnishings and materials.

All in all, space, style, functional and budget are always crucial elements for our project from concept to completion of construction, contributing our works to be truly distinctive.